A Treatment To Increase Your Intimacy

Our Treatment

We focus on non-invasive Focused Compression Therapy (FCT) to improve women’s sexual health.

How It Works?

FCT works at the cellular level, stimulating the formation of new blood vessels and nerve cells.

Does it Hurt?

Purely holistic, 100% non-invasive therapy is painless and with no adverse reactions. We do not use lasers or needles.

Number of Treatments?

There are four to six treatment sessions spread across several weeks targeted to the clitoris and surrounding areas. 

Where Do I Start?

Select a location or practitioner of your choice. Meet or Call for a friendly consultation. Schedule Your Treatment.

Expected Results?

Our treatments result in heightened sensation, increased lubrication, frequency and strength of orgasms. 

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Wave Therapy

Vital Health (FCT) Technology

Focused  Compression Therapy (FCT) is used in the treatment  pain in muscles, tendons, joints. (FCT) describes the use of acoustic waves to target tissue at varying depths.

We Love Your Feedback!

“From start to finish it was a pleasant experience. I had several calls with a Doctor in San Diego and went for it. I did four sessions and it took a few weeks to get used to it:)”


“Completed six sessions with Laura. Never felt any pain or discomfort after any of the treatments, short and sweet experience.”


“They host lunch and learns at the clinics, definitely pay a visit. Essentially a gel pad is the only thing touching your skin. You will definitely feel it when you leave.”


Dr Kremer Bio

Meet Henry Elloso of  Southern California

Henry graduated from Rutgers University and his background is comprised of over 25 years in orthopedic medical device sales and support, including heading the #1 Nationally Ranked territory of PEMF for bone growth stimulation of non-union fractures and spinal fusions. 

He has always had a passion for helping others in pain, improving performance and injury recovery using non-invasive technology.


How Long Does it Take?


  • Four to Six sessions
  • Each Session Lasts 10-15 minutes
  • Two sessions in Week 1, additional two sessions in Week 2, additional 2 in Week 3.
Is There Any Down Time?

No. You can resume your daily activities as soon as your session is complete. 

Are there Side Effects?

No. There are no dangers of burning or irritation that can occur in invasive treatments.

How Long Does it Last?

Our treatments consistently result in heightened sensation, frequency and strength of orgasms. The results are often felt immediately, and intensify over following months. Effects last for a year or more, and can be sustained with an annual treatments.

Who Will Perform My Treatment?

Our carefully qualified and trained practioners provide treatment in a private office in La Jolla, Charlotte and Houston.

Is This Covered by Insurance?

No. Our treatments are not covered by insurance.

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