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Age Reversal With VSELs

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Welcome to AgeReversalMD.com PC, where we are at the forefront of the anti-aging and regeneration field with our revolutionary VSEL therapy.

 Targeting Biological Age

Utilizing your body’s own tissue, our VSEL treatment harnesses the power of very small “embryonic-like” cells (VSELs) to deliver remarkable results in restoring youthfulness and rejuvenating your body.

Cellular Rejuvination with VSELs

Why should you choose VSEL therapy for your aesthetic needs? VSELs possess unparalleled regenerative potential, capable of revitalizing tissues throughout your entire body. These incredible cells, one third the size the size of regular adult stem cells, can easily navigate areas that were previously inaccessible. Moreover, unlike traditional stem cell therapies where the stem cels often dies before reaching their target destination, VSELs exhibit exceptional resilience, rapidly multiplying and producing healing proteins upon successfully reaching their target destination.

Restore Youthfullness & Vitality

Safety is our top priority. Unlike embryonic regenerative cells, VSELs are pluripotent, eliminating the risk of tumor formation. In fact, VSELs nturally reside in your bone marrow and blood, remaining youthful even as you age. The VSELs we use are derived from your own blood, with your own DNA, further enhancing their safety profile.

Get ready to unlock the amazing benefits of VSEL treatments. Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, our esteemed colleague, has collaborated with renowned scientists like Harvard University professor David Sinclair to develop the patented QiGen laser system. This cutting-edge technology releases millions of VSELs from your plasma, enabling the restoration and rejuvenation of your body. By reversing biological and cellular age as measured by DNA methylation, VSEL therapy holds the key to unlocking a more youthful version of yourself.

What can you expect from VSEL treatments? On average, studies show that each treatment yields a remarkable age-reversal effect of an average of about three years, which becomes apparent within 6-12 weeks. These results surpass any other method available for repeated use. Imagine the profound impact of turning back the biological clock throughout your entire body, allowing you to potentially enjoy a longer life in a more youthful and vibrant state.

Are You a Candidate for VSEL Therapy?

Are you ready to experience the transformative power of VSEL therapy? Our medical team, led by Dr. Milgram, administers VSEL treatments under stringent medical protocols discovered by Dr. Ovokaitys. The number of treatments required will vary based on your specific condition and anti-aging goals. Some patients notice of symptoms, improved energy, and enhanced cognition after just one treatment. Multiple treatments, performed painlessly and safely with no recovery or downtime, can be repeated every few months for optimal results. Side effects, such as fatigue or malaise, are limited and affect less than 10% of patients.

Experience True Biological Age Reversal at AgeReversalMD.com

Discover a groundbreaking therapy that goes beyond masking aging symptoms – VSELs, the key to true age reversal. Unlike conventional treatments, our VSEL therapy targets your biological and cellular age, reigniting the youthful vitality within you. Embrace the transformative power of regenerative medicine and unveil a younger, rejuvenated version of yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions


  Is VSEL age reversal safe?

Absolutely, VSEL therapy is a safe and non-invasive procedure, harnessing your body’s natural regenerative potential.

  How long do the age reversal effects last?

The effects are long-lasting as VSELs continue to initiate cellular repair and regeneration.

  Can VSEL therapy genuinely reverse my biological age?

While individual results may vary, many patients have experienced significant reductions in their biological age through VSEL therapy.

  Will I notice improvements in my energy levels?

Yes, as your cellular health improves, you’ll likely experience increased energy and vitality.

Embrace True Age Reversal with VSELs

Discover the awe-inspiring potential of VSELs for age reversal and unlock your body’s true youthfulness.

Schedule a consultation today to embark on a life-changing journey towards renewed energy, vitality, and a more youthful appearance.

Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you through this groundbreaking therapy to help you achieve true age reversal. Embrace your biological youthfulness today!




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