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Injection Benefits

  • Improves energy, mental clarity & mood.
  • High Rate of absorption.
  • Self-administration at home.
  • Less NAD+ degradation.
  • One-time purchase & monthly subscription.
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    NAD+ Injection FAQ

    How do I administer the injection and how often?

    You will draw up the prescribed amount with the provided insulin needle and syringe, then inject subcutaneously. The recommended dose of general health is to start out with 0.1ml and, as desired, slowly ramp up to 0.5ml (100mg) up to 3x per week.

    Each 0.1ml (10 units) of solution equals 20mg of NAD+. As such, 0.1ml (10 Units) = 20mg NAD+, 0.25ml (25 Units) = 50mg of NAD+, and 0.5ml (50 Units) = 100mg of NAD+.

      Where on my body should I use the injection?

      The injection is administered into a fatty layer of skin, such as: back of arm, abdomen, or flank/lumbar region.

      How much NAD+ am I injecting each time?

      Each 0.1ml (10 units) of solution equals 20mg of NAD+. As such, 0.1ml (10 Units) = 20mg NAD+, 0.25ml (25 Units) = 50mg of NAD+, and 0.5ml (50 Units) = 100mg of NAD+. If you have any questions, please contact us.

      What comes with my NAD+ injection order?

      Your NAD+ injection order will arrive with the following: one (1) 5ml vial of NAD+ injectable solution (200 mg/ml concentration), syringes, and needles for administration.

      What happens if I run out of syringes or needles before my vial is empty?

      You can purchase additional insulin syringes and/or needles from a local pharmacy or drugstore, such as Walgreens or CVS.

      Will I feel anything when I inject the NAD+?

      You may feel a slight sting or burn when administering the injection, but it varies from person-to-person.

      How long before I start to feel benefits/results?

      Most patients will notice a boost in energy within an hour or two of injection. Please note you should not use NAD+ Injections more than 3x per week.

      Do I have to refrigerate my NAD+ solution?

      Yes. Refrigeration may help preserve the potency of the NAD+.

      I dropped my syringe or needle on the floor. Can I still use it?

      If all is still sealed and the needle sheath is still on it, it is OK to use. You will want to use a new syringe or needle if anything was unsealed/open as it hit the floor.

      When should I discard my vial?

      NAD Injections have a BUD of 90 days after the pharmacy compounds it. The potency remains stable if kept cold (refrigerated or frozen). However, once you puncture a multi-dose vial, you should discard it after 28 days.

      What color should my NAD+ injection solution be?

      NAD+ injections are generally clear in color. If your solution is a yellowish color, this can be due to a slight variation in PH. Solution that is yellow/gold is still good and safe to use. If it is dark/brown in color, please reach out to our customer service team with a photo for further assistance.


      Side effects are generally mild in nature. Possible side effects include fatigue, headaches, or stomach discomfort.​​

      If side effects occur, reduce use or discontinue use entirely.

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