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Apheresis and Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange and Apheresis are therapeutic modalities which actually have been proven to reverse aging.

They play an important role in the management of more than 50 autoimmune disorders.

IV NAD Therapy

We source the highest quality NAD+ available, made fresh by our standards at our highest quality local compounding pharmacy, and handled and administered by our proprietary method by our director “The NAD MD”.

You can also choose from a selection of IV formulas or have a custom package built to treat your specific needs.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Unlike mass-produced hormone therapies with limited choices, our clinic provides personalized dosing of topical, injectable, oral and pellet BHRT, customized rto your individual requirements.

Our focus is on delivering optimal outcomes through a tailored approach. For both Men and Women.

Pain & Musculoskeletal Therapies

Manage your pain and speed up recovery with therapies that reduce inflammation, pain and stimulate healing.

Get off opiates! An assortment of safe, natural and advanced therapies not offered by other providers. Membership packages allow for unlimited treatments on your schedule.

Sexual Health

Revitalize and maximize your sexual health with a combination of therapies done right with professional dedicated and experienced staff for women as well as men.

We combined FCT & PEMF therapies to repair blood vessels and increase blood flow to enhance function and sensitivity specifically customized for women.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy uses injections of a concentration of a patient’s own platelets to accelerate the healing process.

We also take PRP to a more advanced level by taking the PRP, modulating it with a specific light wavelength to produce VSELs, and directing these special cells with your own DNA to local or systemic organs, tissues and areas by use of the SONG LASER.

VSELs for Regenerative Health

Coming Soon!

Unleash your body’s regenerative potential with Very Small Embryonic-Like Stem cells (VSELs). 

Embrace the future of regenerative medicine and discover how VSELs can rewind your biological clock and to transform your well-being. 

VSELs for Aesthetics

Coming Soon!

Achieve timeless beauty with VSEL Therapy.

This new therapy harnasses the power of  Very Small Embryonic-Like stem cells to address aesthetic concerns, from reducing wrinkles to rejuvenating hair and nails.

Rediscover your radiance and youthfulness with VSEL therapy.

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Experience Unmatched Therapy Combinations: Our skilled team, led by Dr. Milgram, an Affiliate of Global Apheresis Inc. and The NAD MD,  along with Henry Elloso & Dr. Kristin Brown PT DPT,  offers a unique blend of cutting-edge treatments that you won’t find anywhere else.

Soon to Arrive: VSEL Therapy Joins Our arsenal of state-of-the-art treatments.